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At Pitbull Foresthime, we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for all things pitbull-related. Our passion for these incredible dogs is unmatched, and we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with fellow enthusiasts like yourself.

We are a Certified Pitbull breeder for over 19 Years

With 19 years of experience, Jessica Baker Pitbull Fresthime has established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable professional, dedicated to providing exceptional Puppies tailored to  Pitbull.

As you navigate our website, you will find a wealth of resources and information designed to educate, inspire, and connect pitbull lovers from all walks of life. From training tips and health advice to breed history and community forums, we have everything you need to make the most of your pitbull journey.


Our Commitment to Breed Excellence

At Pitbull Foresthime, we believe in promoting responsible ownership and breeding practices to ensure the continued success and preservation of the pitbull breed. We work closely with reputable breeders and organizations to champion breed standards, health testing, and ethical breeding practices. Our commitment to breed excellence is evident in the quality of our dogs and the resources we provide to our community.


Comprehensive Breed Information

Whether you’re a seasoned pitbull owner or considering adding one to your family, we have the information you need to make informed decisions. Our breed profiles provide an in-depth look at the history, temperament, and characteristics of pitbulls, helping you better understand their needs and quirks. Additionally, we cover topics such as training, socialization, and nutrition to ensure that your pitbull is happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.


Training Tips and Techniques

One of the most important aspects of being a pitbull owner is proper training. With their intelligence and loyalty, pitbulls excel in obedience and agility training. Our training resources offer step-by-step guides, expert tips, and troubleshooting advice to help you develop a strong bond with your pitbull and shape them into a well-mannered companion. Whether you’re dealing with behavior issues or simply want to teach your pitbull new tricks, our training section has you covered.


Health and Wellness Guidance

The health and well-being of our pitbulls are of utmost importance to us, and we want the same for your furry friends. Our health section covers a wide range of topics, including vaccination schedules, parasite prevention, common health issues, and tips for maintaining optimal health. Regular updates from trusted veterinarians and professionals ensure that you have the latest information and guidelines to keep your pitbull in top shape.


Community and Support

Being part of a supportive community is invaluable, especially when it comes to a specialized breed like the pitbull. Pitbull Foresthime offers a thriving online community that connects owners, breeders, and enthusiasts. Our discussion forums allow you to share your experiences, seek advice, and connect with like-minded individuals who truly understand the joys and challenges of pitbull ownership. Additionally, our events calendar features dog shows, meetups, and workshops for you to engage with others in person.


Shop Pitbull Foresthime

Visit our available puppies for an extensive selection of pitbull-related merchandise. From stylish apparel and accessories to high-quality training gear and toys, we have something for every pitbull lover. Our products are carefully curated to ensure durability, functionality, and style, so you can proudly display your love for pitbulls.

 Pitbull Foresthime is committed to providing pitbull enthusiasts like yourself with the resources, support, and community you need to thrive as a pitbull owner. We are passionate about this incredible breed and are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Explore our website, join our community, and let us be your trusted partner on your pitbull journey.

American Pitbull Terrier for sale

Many people think that if they adopt a puppy of an american pitbull terrier from other kennels, it will be the same as ours, but it is not! Our dogs are specifically selected in generations for well defined morpho-character characteristics and morpho-physical characteristics; this is the result of a careful selection of specimens in several generations. Furthermore our dogs are educated, socialized and trained for generations to live in a family environment; they are well controlled and have been socialized for urban and non-urban scenarios. By doing so, we have get pitbulls that are perfectly balanced in any environment and suitable to spend their days with you in any context.

We remind you that the American Pitbull Terrier in  standard is the most suitable dog for families, empathetic with man and hyper sociable towards its family.

We therefore follow the “life” of the puppy even after being adopted, we instruct you on nutrition, the daily physical exercise they need, and provide valuable advice for the physical and mental well-being of your new partner. We select American Pitbull Terrier in standard in Blue Nose and Red Nose colors.

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Your inquiries, requests, suggestions, complaints and messages are always welcome. If you are writing to inquire about our puppy(ies), do well to mention the puppy’s name to facilitate our support. We typically respond to all requests within 24 hours. Kindly drop your request and be patient, our support team will get back to you.

What We Do

At Adorable Pitbull, we take pride in our commitment to breeding and raising pitbull puppies that are not only physically healthy and stunning, but also emotionally and mentally nurtured. We believe that every dog deserves a loving and caring home, and we strive to be the epitome of responsible and ethical pitbull breeding.

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