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At Jessica Baker Pitbull Forest Hime, we value our customers and strive to provide them with the best possible service. However, we understand that there may be instances where our customers have concerns or complaints. In such situations, we encourage our customers to reach out to us and share their feedback, allowing us the opportunity to address their concerns promptly.

We believe that effective communication is the key to resolving any issue satisfactorily. Therefore, we have established multiple channels through which customers can lodge complaints and share their experiences with us. In this article, we will discuss the various ways customers can connect with us to raise their concerns and provide suggestions for improvement.

1. Contacting our Customer Support:

We have a dedicated customer support team ready to assist our customers with any queries or complaints they may have. Our support team is easily accessible through email, phone, or live chat. Customers can find our contact information on our website or any communication they have received from us.

When contacting our customer support, customers are advised to clearly state their concern or complaint, providing relevant details, such as their order number, date of purchase, and any other pertinent information. This will help our team understand the issue accurately and respond with an appropriate solution.

2. Filling out our Online Complaint Form:

For customers who prefer a more formal way of lodging complaints, we have an online complaint form available on our website. This form allows customers to provide detailed information regarding their complaint, ensuring that no aspect goes unnoticed.

In the complaint form, customers are encouraged to provide relevant information, including their contact details, a summary of the issue, and any supporting documents or evidence they may have. Our team reviews these complaints diligently, aiming to offer a resolution within the shortest possible time frame.

3. Social Media Engagement:

We understand that social media platforms offer customers a convenient platform to voice their opinions and experiences. Therefore, we actively monitor our social media channels and encourage customers to reach out to us through these channels as well.

Customers can share their complaints or concerns by tagging our official social media accounts and using relevant hashtags. Our social media team promptly acknowledges such messages and works toward resolving the issues or redirecting customers to the appropriate channels for assistance.

4. Escalating to Management:

In rare cases where customers feel that their complaint has not been adequately addressed, we provide an escalation process. Customers can request for their concern to be escalated to the management team directly, ensuring that it receives the necessary attention and priority.

To initiate the escalation process, customers can send an email or use the contact form on our website, clearly stating their desire to escalate the complaint. Our management team undertakes a thorough investigation, considering all the relevant details, to provide a resolution that satisfies the customer’s expectations.


At Jessica Baker Pitbull Forest Hime, we value our customers’ feedback and take complaints seriously. We believe that every complaint is an opportunity for improvement, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to address customer concerns promptly.

Through various communication channels like customer support, online complaint forms, social media engagement, and an escalation process, we ensure that our customers have multiple avenues to voice their complaints and receive the necessary assistance. By actively engaging with our customers, we aim to build trust, loyalty, and ultimately, exceed their expectations.

We encourage our customers to reach out to us without hesitation if they have any concerns or complaints. By doing so, they help us improve our services and ensure their satisfaction, while also providing us with an opportunity to showcase our commitment to customer care.


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